About Us

Who are we?
We are Turkey’s youngest and exceptional PP Spunbond & Meltblown fabric producer. As part of our integrated facility we are also Turkey’s one of the few but the best elastic ear supplier. On our ultrasonic bonding line we are capable to combine different fabrics upto 6 layers (SM,SMM,SMS ,MMM,etc..) and thanks to production line’s features we can produce oil only /universal sorbent materials both for marine and industrial usages.

Who are our customers?
Hygenic , diaper producers (baby, femcare adult), medical tape producers, other hygiene applications, Other Medical Applications, All Types of Mask Producers, Agriculture, Beds & Furnitures, Packaging and Promotional industries. Clothing manufacturers, Filter fabric producers, Shoe Industry

Where are we based ?
Our production units are based within the Industrial zone of Kilis / Turkey. We have got marketing units both in Kilis & Gaziantep and Istanbul of Turkey in order to respond rapidly to our clients. Our production site is very close to Mersin and Iskenderun International ports where we have got easy access, exporting our products to the 7 continents of the world

Which technologies are we using?
We are using the latest versions of the Spunbond((SS) technology, providing the maximum opacity within the produced fabric. We are producing the most resistant and the best(silk) skin touchable elastic ear.

What are our values?
Customer oriented, respected to environment, know-how in nonwovens, investing to its employees, competetive within the industry, integrated, sustainability in growth, responsible to its customers.



Delivering high value added products to the related industries & partners.


Develop & Produce value added products for sustainable growth.