Our productions for different sectors, for different purposes

We produce multi-purpose products such as automotive, furniture, construction, home textiles, mattress manufacturing, bags, bags and packaging.

  • Composition : 100% PP
  • Gsm: range from 10 grams to 180 grams
  • Slice width: 10 mm up to 3400 mm
  • Strength : High
  • Special additives: U/V, FR, Antistatic, Hydrophillic,
  • Coil outer diameter : 120 cm
  • Coil inner diameter: 1, 2 and 3 inches
  • Suitable for many different printing techniques
  • Suitable for printing and lamination


abrics produced for the automotive industry:

  • Backing fabric
  • Ceiling tile undercoat
  • Curtains on trucks and trailers
  • Door Boards
  • Secondary carpet underlay
  • Curtains on trucks and trailers


Fabrics produced for the furniture industry:

  • Dust Trap
  • Liner
  • Cushion - Pillow lining
  • Seam reinforcement stabilizer
  • Insulation for back and arms

Home textiles

Fabrics produced for the home textile industry:

  • Stitched and Ultrasonic quilting
  • Pillow lining and cover
  • Quilt lining backing fabric
  • Woven fabric backing interlining
  • Printed unprinted disposable tablecloth
  • PVC tablecloth backing fabric
  • Placemat

Mattress Manufacturing

Fabrics produced for bedding:

  • Bedding fabric lining
  • Bag Spring
  • Dust Trap
  • Flange
  • Bordure

Bag & Bag & Packaging Promotion

  • It is an interlining used in the manufacture of multi-layered, robust and visually animated bags obtained by combining OPP etc. materials with extrusion or gluing technique.
  • Our product, which is suitable for PE, PP, Paper, Aluminum, PVC, extrusion and lamination techniques, is preferred in the industrial packaging sector due to its high durability and low cost.
  • It is a solid bag and bag material, 100% recyclable, suitable for ultrasonic welding and standard sewing technique.
  • We produce fabrics that are perfectly suitable for Flexo Gravure Offset printing techniques.
  • Widespread use in all public transport vehicles, such as headrest.


Fabrics produced for the construction industry:

  • House wrap
  • Tile and under curb
  • Siding and under-roof moisture barrier
  • Plinth
  • Suspended ceiling backing

Other Technical Textile Applications